"I feel like I'm the only person who cares for his well-being" omg shut up plz also smoking is sexy and yeah it gives you cancer but do you know what else gives you cancer? thHE FUCKING SUN okay eaeahhyeah

— Anonymous

Oh gosh, you are so right. Putting 4,000 chemicals in your body (including arsenic, which is straight up poison, and also plutonium, which is used in nuclear weaponry) is SO FUCKING SEXY I MEAN UNF.

Smoking doesn’t just cause cancer. It can cause you to lose your voice box, it causes lung cancer, along with mouth cancer, and emphysema. Which basically takes away your ability to breathe.

And yeah, I know that the sun causes cancer. I hate the sun, actually. If you want vitamin D then take a supplement!

If you want to actually win an argument, learn how to spell, and also use proper grammar. And don’t be a coward - show your face. Or are you scared? Or pathetic? I’d go for the latter if you find smoking sexy.