so my boss’s dad is andrew scott’s cousin

I went to my first ballet class today and one of the male dancers was sitting outside smoking and he was totally Sherlock yup

Can we all stop complaining about Sherlock having nine episodes

As a fan since the beginning, I’ve stopped wailing about it. I’ve matured. Because you know what? We’re fucking lucky.

Moffat has said this himself. It isn’t nine episodes, it’s nine feature length movies.


God be grateful they aren’t 20 or 40 minute episodes

Just be grateful you have anything at all

John’s made the headline

Andrew Scott, Birdland

So does anyone want to give me that 10 bucks

I will bet anyone 10 bucks that the announcement tomorrow will be that the BBC commissioned series 4

Yoooooooo look what happened again

Murder by death, always peculiar.
Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective the world has ever known    

it makes me laugh that people are surprised that sherlock might not return until 2016

remember when the fandom decided that Anderson liked to fuck dinosaurs

haha we totally called it he actually is bat shit crazy