Murder by death, always peculiar.
Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective the world has ever known    

it makes me laugh that people are surprised that sherlock might not return until 2016

remember when the fandom decided that Anderson liked to fuck dinosaurs

haha we totally called it he actually is bat shit crazy

I know literally no one cares but GUESS WHO WON THE SHERLOCK PUB QUIZ

Anyone else going to the Sherlock pub quiz tonight? :)

speaking as a person with long hair

i get so confused when people draw/cosplay as female Sherlock and give her long, luscious beautiful black curls

man i tie my hair up every single time i eat a meal, i can’t even imagine working with chemicals without pulling it back

"Information is the power to change."

AKA Why has no one pointed this out yet??

I will never stop laughing at the Sign of Three.

how do people even find out where things are filming like sherlock or doctor who especially when they try to keep it secret

Aww yeah

Never ever allow someone to tell you that you can’t enjoy something.

Never ever feel ashamed for what you enjoy.